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Living Wage Certified Employers

Osceola County Living Wage Certified Employers Directory

Osceola County Living Wage Certified Employers

Trace Enterprise, LLC (2019-2024)

Reach, an inbound marketing firm based in Downtown Kissimmee, Florida, was founded in 2014. Our goal is to help our clients create brands people love. So, what makes us different? You can trust your project to our diverse team of social media managers, web designers, graphic designers, customer experience experts, content creators and lovers of anything that involves food. Having all of those people on one team makes for one unified brand voice for all of our clients. We’re here to teach you how your brand can become known for something great. Whether it is branding, website design or redesign, campaign-specific projects, social media, blogging, we’re here to help you determine and reach your marketing goals.

Quinn Contractors (2020 – 2022)

Quinn Contractors was founded in 1980 and is fast becoming one of the largest commercial builders based in Osceola County. The Quinn philosophy for construction services is building a quality product in a timely manner at a fair price. Our customers are our neighbors and business owners in the county in which we live in and do business. Our business objective is to build long term relationships with the owner and improve the Osceola County community. For many years Quinn has led the charge in Osceola County to use local contractors for our projects. Quinn’s focus is to provide the best service and quality work for their clients.



Jan 22, 2016

Osceola County Moves Forward with Living Wage Incentives

County Commissioners have agreed to move forward with a proposed incentive-based policy to encourage businesses to pay their employees a living wage.