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Community Development Block Grant

About CDBG Program

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The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) is a Federal program that provides funding for housing and community development projects that benefit low-moderate income households. In 1974, Congress created the program through the Housing and Community Development Act, Title I. The three national objectives are to:

  • Benefit low- and moderate-income persons
  • Prevent or eliminate slum or blight
  • Address urgent community development needs

Eligible Activities

The CDBG Program has several areas of eligible activities including housing, economic development, public services, public facilities, and public infrastructure. Examples of eligible activities are listed below:

Public Improvement/Public Infrastructure: Water/sewer improvements, sidewalks. streetlights, drainage improvements.

Housing: Rehabilitation, home purchase assistance, rental housing development, new housing construction.

Economic Development: On-the-job training, business incubators, small business loans, commercial façade program.

Public Facilities: Health facilities, senior centers, homeless facilities, community centers.

Public Services (15% cap): Childcare assistance, rental assistance, senior services, veterans services.

Osceola County administers CDBG funds on behalf of all Osceola County communities, excluding the City of Kissimmee and City of St. Cloud. They receive a separate allocation of CDBG funding; therefore the County’s funding is not utilized within those cities.


For questions or comments about the CDBG program or Fair Housing related issues, please email or contact one of the staff below:

Vanessa Lopez, Community Grants Program Coordinator (407) 742-8453