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Minor Home Repairs for Seniors

Client Eligibility

You may be eligible for a one-time minor repair if you meet all the following criteria:

  • You are a homeowner
  • 62 years of age or older
  • Owned and lived in the home for a minimum of one year
  • Live within unincorporated Osceola County and the City of St. Cloud
  • Household must qualify at 80% or below the median income based on the current Housing and Urban Development income chart (chart below)
  • Must be able to provide income documentation

Applicants who have received SHIP or CDBG funding that resulted in a deferred payment loan mortgage will NOT be eligible for this grant during the lien period.

To qualify, your income must fall within the stated guidelines based on family size.

Household Size and Max Income Chart

Household Size Maximum Income (80% AMI)
1 $46,450
2 $53,050
3 $59,700
4 $66,300
5 $71,650
6 $76,950
7 $82,250
8 $87,550

Effective date 4/27/2022

Selection Criteria

Clients will be assisted on a first come, first qualified basis. This program may establish a waiting list.

Maximum Award

Up to $10,000.

Funding for a project for this activity will be in the form of a grant and not subject to recapture with the restriction that the home remains owner-occupied (by at least one of the recipients if owned jointly) for a minimum period of one-year from the time that the repairs are completed.

This program does not allow contractor change orders.

Property Eligibility

The property must be located within unincorporated Osceola County or the City of St. Cloud. The housing unit will NOT be eligible if it is currently located within the city limits of Kissimmee.

The property must contain a legal residential structure intended for continued residential occupancy. Housing units eligible for rehabilitation include: single-family homes and manufactured homes (See section below).

Taxes and homeowners insurance must be current.

All repair work will meet local building code standards.

Manufactured / Modular Home

A manufactured/modular home is only eligible if it meets the standards established by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) which requires a DEO decal/emblem to be displayed in the home, or manufactured housing constructed after June 1994, and installed in accordance with the installation standards for manufactured homes contained in rules of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The manufactured home must be owner-occupied and secured to property owned by the same and assessed as real property. Applicant must have satisfied all planning, zoning, special exceptions or variance requirements of the local Jurisdiction.

Eligible Repairs

Eligible minor repairs will correct health and safety issues or affect the immediate livability of the home.

  • Roofing systems including soffit and fascia;
  • Onsite sewage disposal systems or replace sewer taps if available, sewer connections;
  • Minor drainage repairs;
  • Water systems (including wells), water system connections, and/or plumbing repairs;
  • HVAC System repair or replacement;
  • Hot water tank repair or replacement;
  • Accessibility modifications;
  • Electrical hazard repairs; and
  • Any other health or safety issue deemed to be an eligible minor repair after conducting an inspection, completing a work write-up and receiving the approval of the Department Director or his/her designee.

Properties in need of more than the above eligible minor repairs to correct health and safety issues may not qualify for this program. For example, structures that do not meet code, with building code issues that cannot be repaired for $10,000, do not qualify for the minor repairs program.