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Special Assessments

The Special Assessments group is part of the Office of Management and Budget. The group provides for the administration of the County’s Municipal Service Taxing Units (MSTU) and Municipal Service Benefit Units (MSBU). It is through these units the County has chosen to fund municipal services and to provide development and redevelopment activities.

There are a variety of services are funded through municipal service units in Osceola County, as authorized by each specific County ordinance or resolution, under Chapter 125, Florida Statutes. These services include, but are not limited to, street lighting, garbage service, retention pond and drainage easement maintenance, common area maintenance, and the provision of funding for Countywide fire and emergency medical services.

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Packet for the Establishment of an MSBU / MSTU

1 - Overview for the formation of an MSBU-MSTU 

2 - County Manager Procedure for Special Assessments

3 - Application for the formation of an MSBU-MSTU


Contract Management

The MSTU and MSBU maintain contracts for mowing, irrigation,pool maintenance, and aquatic weed control.

Database Services

One of the core functions of the Special Assessments office is the management of several database services within Osceola County.

Special Assessment Database Maintenance

The database for special assessments is updated by running a system wide refresh or an individual parcel update.

Universal Solid Waste Database

Maintains a live database of properties receiving solid waste services and calculates payment due to contractor.

MSTU and MSBU Financial Services

The Municipal Service Taxing Unit and the Municipal Service Benefit Unit develop budgets, loans, and pay bills.