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Strategic Initiatives

Osceola County has been making strides to grow and develop in a more healthy and efficient manner. We have started to incorporate smart growth techniques into the planning and development of our jurisdiction. Our evolution as a County began with the 2007 Comprehensive Plan update. This plan takes huge steps with the introduction of the County’s new Mixed Use Districts. In total there are eleven Mixed Use Districts in the County. These districts are envisioned to develop in a very different manner than the County has developed in the past. Traditional Neighborhood Design and Smart Growth concepts will be used to create distinct communities with a strong sense of place.

We are currently updating our Land Development Code to incorporate the policy initiatives that were adopted with the 2005 Comprehensive Plan. There will be a section in the updated Land Development Code which will regulate development within the Mixed Use District. This section will be the driving force in the development of the Mixed Use Districts.

Each Mixed Use District will have a Conceptual Master Plan; this plan will guide development in these areas. The Conceptual Master Plans will follow the principles of Smart Growth. These districts will provide the opportunity for Osceola County to grow in a different manner than we have historically. With thoughtful planning we will be able to create a legacy that will be enjoyed by those who will live in or visit our community after us.

Completed Conceptual Master Plans

  • East Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan -

    Mixed Use Districts 1 and 2

  • South Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan -

    Mixed Use Districts 3, 4, and part of 5

  • Northeast District Conceptual Master Plan -

    Mixed Use District 8 and a portion of 7

Click on the link below in order to review the draft of the North Ranch Sector Plan.

North Ranch Long Term Master Plan ( Transmittal Draft )