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Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Department directly supports the BOCC Strategic Plan by encompassing methods in which a community can create a balance between livability, economic viability, and environmental  sensitivity. In addition, the department assists in redevelopment, retention, recruitment and expansion of businesses and industries within Osceola County. This department consists of Strategic Initiatives, Economic Development, Economic Incentives, W192 Development Authority, East 192 Community Redevelopment Area and Technology Development.

Completed Conceptual Master Plans

  • East Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan -

    Mixed Use Districts 1 and 2

  • South Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan -

    Mixed Use Districts 3, 4, and part of 5

  • Northeast District Conceptual Master Plan -

    Mixed Use District 8 and a portion of 7

Click on the link below in order to review the draft of the North Ranch Sector Plan.

North Ranch Long Term Master Plan ( Transmittal Draft )