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Mixed Use District 5 and 6 Conceptual Master Plan


The County has begun the process of preparing a Conceptual Master Plan (CMP) for Mixed Use District (MXD) 6 and a portion of MXD 5 (see map below). (The remainder of MXD 5 is part of the South Lake Toho CMP, which was adopted in 2010.)

This area and others were designated as Mixed Use Districts in the County's Comprehensive Plan in 2007 as part of a new growth strategy. Our population is projected to grow by over 200,000 between now and 2040. Planning for that growth is essential, so the County has established an Urban Growth Boundary within which urban development can occur. Directing growth to the UGB preserves 60% of the County in the rural area for ranching, agriculture, and natural resource conservation.

Growth in the County must be deliberate and well-planned to maintain quality of life and be fiscally prosperous. Long-term planning centered on smart growth principles will ensure that quality of life issues are addressed in ultimate development plans, instead of planning for short-term gains.

Growth will occur with or without advanced planning. The Comprehensive Plan provides a mechanism to accomplish this through Mixed Use Districts. This planning process will ensure that growth will adhere to principles established for MXD 5&6.

Planning Process

The County is holding a series of workshops with area property owners and others in the area to develop this plan. The first workshop provided an introduction to the process. (A meeting summary and the presentation given at the workshop are available in the Documents section.) At subsequent workshops, participants will work together to design the district, creating several design scenarios that will be melded into a preferred development plan.

Once the preferred plan is complete, it will be adopted into the County’s Comprehensive Plan as a Conceptual Master Plan (CMP) for the district. This process involves holding a public hearing to transmit the CMP to the State for review, followed by an additional public hearing at which the CMP is adopted. Once adopted, the CMP provides a framework for how the area will develop.

Current Draft Scenario

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Next Steps

Upcoming meetings will be announced on this page.

Past Meetings


Workshop - September 22, 2021

Workshop - April 27, 2021

Virtual Workshop - April 20, 2021


Small Group Workshop - September 23, 2020

Small Group Workshop - September 15, 2020

Workshop - August 4, 2020

Kickoff Workshop - February 12, 2020