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North Ranch Sector Plan


The County is preparing a long-term master plan pursuant to Section 163.3245, F.S., for 130,000 acres of the Deseret Ranch within Osceola County. This proposed long-term master plan is intended to proactively plan for and preserve regionally significant economic opportunities, natural resources, and transportation corridors at a landscape scale.

The planning area extends east and south from the Northeast District to the Osceola County line. The plan will identify policies, frameworks, and opportunities for land use and economic development, and large-scale transportation corridors within the planning area, taking into consideration the current Comprehensive Plan, environmental factors, market conditions, surrounding land uses, and available infrastructure.

Opportunities for public input throughout the planning process will be available through public meetings and hearings, in addition to online comments.

Preparation of the Sector Plan is being closely coordinated with existing and proposed planning initiatives such as the Governor’s East Central Florida Corridor Task Force, the Northeast District Conceptual Master Plan, the Osceola County Expressway Authority Master Plan, the Osceola Parkway Extension PD&E Study, OOCEA Master Plan Update, and Space Coast TPO Long Range Transportation Plan.


The Plan is in response to the growing needs of Osceola County and the region to plan for an economically sustainable future predicated on thoughtful and strategic regional initiatives. The Governor’s Executive Order 13-319 requests a Sector Plan be prepared for the Deseret Ranch, pursuant to section 163.3245. The Governor’s Executive Order also establishes the East Central Florida Corridor Task Force for the purpose of evaluating and developing recommendations on future transportation corridors serving established and emerging economic activity centers in portions of Brevard, Orange, and Osceola counties. The Sector Plan goals include:

  • Encourage development that reinforces the long-term economic sustainability of the County and strengthens the larger region.
  • Connect regions and economic centers through a multi-modal transportation system.
  • Plan for future mixed use communities that accommodate the County's future needs while supporting the County's environmental, transportation, agricultural, and economic goals.
  • Preserve, enhance, and restore the County's large-scale natural systems.

Information from Public Scoping Meeting

Presented on 1/7/14 Public Scoping Meeting