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Flood Protection Links

South Florida Water Management District

The SFWMD manages and protects water resources of the South Florida region by balancing and improving water quality, flood control, natural systems, and water supply.

FEMA Mapping and Analysis Center (MAC)

The Mapping and Analysis Center (MAC) provides national level mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support the National Response and Coordination Center during disaster response activations and provides mapping support to many parts of FEMA and DHS.

The National Map |

The National Map is a collaborative effort among the USGS and other Federal, State, and local partners to improve and deliver topographic information for the Nation. It has many uses ranging from recreation to scientific analysis to emergency response. Information is easily accessible for display on the Web, as products and services, and as downloadable data. The geographic information available from The National Map includes orthoimagery (aerial photographs), elevation, geographic names, hydrography, boundaries, transportation, structures, and land cover.

National Weather Service (NWS)

The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy. NWS data and products form a national information database and infrastructure which can be used by other governmental agencies, the private sector, the public, and the global community.

Flood Smart

Flood Smart is the Official site of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); this site provides information on floods, risk of financial loss due to flooding and flood insurance.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

The Department of Environmental Protection is the lead agency in state government for environmental management and stewardship and is one of the more diverse agencies in state government, protecting our air, water, and land.

Osceola County Emergency Management

This site has information such as Activation Levels, Operations, Planning, Preparation, Recovery, Response, and Shelters.

U.S. Geological Survey

As the Nation's largest water, earth, and biological science and civilian mapping agency, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collects, monitors, analyzes, and provides scientific understanding about natural resource conditions, issues, and problems

Turn Around Don’t Drown (TADD)

TADD is a NOAA National Weather Service campaign to warn people of the hazards of walking or driving a vehicle through flood waters.

NSPS - Floodplain Certification

FEMA and ACSM have partnered to create a certification for licensed surveyors that will allow for an expedited review of applications for letters of map amendment (LOMA) to Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).

This site is designed for Insurance agents selling flood insurance policies.

Florida Division of Emergency Management

This site gives information to get prepared for a disaster such as a family plan, business plan, strengthening your home and disability disaster assistance.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

While the SFWMD physically manages the water levels in the lakes by opening or closing the water control structures, the Water Management Section of the ACOE monitors and manages the multi-purpose operations of spillways, locks, pump stations, culverts, canals, reservoirs, and water conservation areas.

FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program

The National Flood Insurance Program is managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The three components of the program are Flood Insurance, Floodplain Management, and Flood Hazard Mapping.