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Fortune-Lakeshore Trail Project


Fortune Lakeshore Trail Location Map

This multi-use trail is located along Fortune Road from US 192 to Lakeshore Boulevard and along Lakeshore Boulevard from Fortune Road to Columbia Avenue for a total distance of approximately 6.9 miles. The 10-foot-wide asphalt trail will be constructed throughout the length of the project area. The trail will be located along the south side of Fortune Road and continue along the west side of Lakeshore Boulevard until approximately 0.3 miles south of Remington Boulevard, where the trail will cross to the east side of the road. From this point, the trail will continue along the east side of Lakeshore Boulevard and cross over Partin Settlement Road at the existing traffic signal and continue south along the west side of the Lakeshore Boulevard for approximately 800 feet then crossing to the east side. After this crossing the trail will remain on the east side of Lakeshore Boulevard to the southern project limit just north of Columbia Avenue. Existing crosswalks will be restriped at 11 locations where the trail crosses a side street. Five new crosswalks will be added along Fortune Road and Lakeshore Boulevard. Two of the crosswalks will be located at existing side streets (at Marlo Road on Fortune Road and at the back entrance to Legacy  Park gated community on Lakeshore Boulevard) and three will be across Lakeshore Boulevard at the points where the trail crosses the roadway (at the back entrance to Legacy Park gated community, at Partin Settlement Road, and at ~800 feet south of Partin Settlement Road). The new pedestrian bridge over the C-31 Canal will be 145 feet long and 10 feet wide, with 40-45 foot-long ramps on either end and guardrails along both the bridge and the ramps. This Project is now in construction. For information on construction alerts, please visit


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Mark Polo
Phone: 407-742-0628