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Michigan Ave Safety Improvements

Project Details

Michigan Ave Safety Improvements: The purpose of this project is to design and construct critical safety improvements along Michigan Avenue, from U.S. 192 to Osceola Parkway in Osceola County, Florida. The total project length is approximately 2.74 miles and was identified by Metroplan Orlando as being a corridor that contributed a significant share of pedestrian and bicycle crashes within Central Florida.

The proposed improvements shall include:

  • Installation of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) and improved pavement markings at the existing mid-block crosswalk at Garden Street.
  • A new mid-block crosswalk with a PHB at Boulder Drive.
  • Separating shared curb ramps into individual curb ramps at the signalized intersections at US 192, Mill Slough Road, E. Donegan Avenue and E. Carroll Street.
  • Removing the free-flow right turn lane at E. Carroll Street.
  • Adding a crosswalk and pedestrian signals at E. Donegan Avenue to have full pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection.
  • Relocating pedestrian detectors and adding sidewalk to make pedestrian detectors ADA compliant at various locations.
  • Extending the concrete separator on the north leg of the intersection at US 192 to prevent the through and left turn movements from Lehigh Street and the shopping plaza in the northeast quadrant.
  • Milling and resurfacing in areas where the roadway and ramp geometry and pavement markings are being modified.


Documents will be added here as they become available.

Contact Info

Laura Campos
Phone: 407-742-0565