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Owner Occupied Rehab Program

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW! WE REPAIR HOUSES!FIX IT WITHOUT GOING BROKE!*Loan will be forgiven if residency period meets requirements.The Osceola County Owner Occupied Rehab Program is designed to assist eligible homeowners with necessary repairs to improve occupant safety and well-being, and/or contribute to the structural integrity and preservation of their owner-occupied home. WE CAN HELP JUST FOLLOW THESE 3 EASY STEPS. 1 CALL 407-742-8598 OR SHAIRA.GONZALEZ@OSCEOLA.ORG. 2 FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AND BRING REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. 3 QUALIFY FOR NO INTEREST LOAN* AND SIGN CONTRACT.*Loan will be forgiven if residency period meets requirements.Osceola County Human Services 330 N. Beaumont Ave. Kissimmee, FL 34741 407-742-8400 ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW! For more information visit


Minor Repairs Program for Homeowners

The Minor Repairs Program for Homeowners is suspended until further notice.