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First Time Home Buyers

First time home-buyer class

A Home of Your Own is a first-time homebuyer class open to all individuals interested in buying a home. If you are seeking to apply for the Osceola County State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (S.H.I.P.) Down Payment Assistance Program, this class is a pre-requisite to qualifying for assistance. All applicants, co-signers and spouses will need to receive a class certificate.

Please Note: This class does not guarantee that you will be eligible to receive funds towards purchasing a home, but rather helps you meet one of the requirements to apply.

During the class, you will learn about all aspects of getting ready to buy your first house, including:

  • Money management
  • Understanding your credit
  • How to find your house
  • Choosing a home-buying professional
  • Choosing the right mortgage
  • Home buyer's rights
  • and many other topics related to this process.

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Dates, Times and Registration

For questions or more information, please call (321) 697-3000.

Down Payment / Purchase Assistance Program

The Purchase Assistance Program is not accepting applications at this time, please visit periodically for program updates.

Click here to apply for SHIP or CDBG Program assistance.

Learn more about the Down Payment / Purchase Assistance Program.