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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering conducts traffic studies, analyzes crash data, performs signal design reviews, manages the annual traffic count program, issues signal warrants, performs special event reviews, and participates in the development review process.

Traffic Operations

Traffic Operations installs and maintains County signs, signals, roadway lighting, striping, and pavement markings.

Construction Management

The Construction Management Section is responsible for both Contract Construction Management and Development Construction.

Development Review

The Development Review Section is responsible for reviewing and approving new and upcoming commercial/industrial developments and subdivisions, including input to building permits. In addition, this Section conducts plat review, the review of right-of-way utilization permits, and driveway permits. The Development Review Section is also responsible for the various performance/maintenance bond contracts required for construction in Osceola County.

Right-of-Way / Land Acquisition

The Right-of-Way/Land Acquisition Section is responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of property, permanent easements, and temporary easements for all County projects. These projects consist of roadway widening and extensions, drainage projects, recreational parks, and public buildings.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management provides innovative engineering support for the implementation of the County-wide stormwater management program. This Section is responsible for analyzing, designing, and managing the construction of stormwater improvements. These improvements are for both water quality health and water quantity flooding issues. In addition, the Stormwater Management Section administers the Federal Emergency Management Agencys FEMA flood plain management program, the National Flood Insurance Program NFIP, and the Community Rating System CRS.