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Public Works Functions

Asset and Construction Management

Asset & Construction Management directs planning, budgeting, design, and construction of Osceola County’s facility construction projects.

Phone: (407) 742-3000

Facilities Management Division

Facilities Management administers the property management and maintenance operations of Osceola County facilities. Phone: (407) 742-3000

Real Estate Asset Management / Acquisition, Surplus Disposition, Leasing

The Real Estate Asset Management Section is responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of real property, plus temporary and permanent easements for all County projects, including, but not limited to, stormwater drainage and retention, recreational parks, conservation public lands, and institutional, industrial and residential public assets. Right-of-way acquisition and related real estate functions are managed by the Transportation and Transit Department.

This Section coordinates, within the authority of the County Manager through the Board of County Commissioners, the disposition of surplus publicly owned property through sale, donation, or exchange.

In addition, this Section, is responsible for public leases by the County and from the County, including, but not limited to, real property and structures leased by the County for governmental use, as well as, County owned property and buildings leased to both non-profit and for-profit entities, leased to outside governmental agencies, ground leases, parking agreements, caretaker agreements and concessionaire leases.

The Real Estate Asset Management Section facilitates and coordinates cross-departmentally to meet the real estate asset strategic goals set by the Board of County Commissioners.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management provides innovative engineering support for the implementation of the County-wide stormwater management program. This Section is responsible for analyzing, designing, and managing the construction of stormwater improvements. These improvements are for both water quality health and water quantity flooding issues. In addition, the Stormwater Management Section administers the Federal Emergency Management Agency's FEMA flood plain management program, the National Flood Insurance Program NFIP, and the Community Rating System CRS.