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Right-of-Way Permit Information

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Utility/Right-of-Way Permit Application Requirements

  1. One (1) full set of plans are to be submitted with the application
  2. A sketch shall accompany the application. The sketch, not necessarily to scale, shall reflect a plan view and cross-section of the proposed utility installation. This sketch shall be legible and no smaller than legal size (8.5 x 14 inches), and shall show the offset from the centerline of the right-of-way or road to the proposed utility installation, the road right-of-way width and pavement width, the distance from the edge of pavement to the utility, sidewalks, ditches/swales, and all other existing utilities and facilities within the area of work. Whenever engineered construction drawings are required, they must be signed by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer. Engineered drawings may be required for any project at the discretion of the County Engineer.
  3. The supplied cross-section shall adequately show the vertical as well as the horizontal location of the utility along with the minimum vertical clearance above or below the pavement
  4. Additional information such as the location in relation to the nearest road intersections, existing accesses, bridges, rail road crossings and other physical features shall be identified on the sketch
  5. It is desirable that a simple key map showing the location of the proposed facility be included either on the sketch itself, or as a separate sketch to assist all concerned with the general location of the installation, and should indicate the applicable sections, township and range
  6. Upon approval of the application and payment of the fee, one (1) copy of the approved permit application, along with attachments, shall be returned to the applicant
  7. Applicant shall notify in writing all other right-of-way users and municipalities in the immediate vicinity of the proposed construction/installation locations, stating the work proposed by the applicant, and enclosing a plan of the proposed construction/installation in order to determine if there are any objections to the proposed construction/installation.  Any objections to the applicant’s proposed construction/installation by affected right-of-way users or municipalities must be forwarded in writing to the applicant and the County Engineer’s office within seven (7) day’s only, to allow time for the receipt of objections to the proposed use of the right-of-way. For the purpose of expediting the handling of a permit application, the seven-day period may be shortened by including with the permit applications a separate statement or letter that the other affected right-of-way users have been notified and that such users have no objections to their immediate issuance of the right-of-way utilization permit for the proposed construction/installation
  8. The applicant shall verify the notification to other users by completing the section provided in the application for such verification. It is the full and complete responsibility of the applicant to determine that all other users are notified of the proposed work. Any work performed without such notification shall be at the sole risk of the applicant
  9. Pursuant to the provisions of Florida Statute 553.851, all applications will indicate, whenever excavation is taking place, the gas notification number along with the gas company’s name on the permit application. No permit for excavation shall be issued until this gas information has been provided pursuant to Florida Statute 553.851(2)(a) and (c)
  10. A maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan must be submitted with the permit application
  11. When applicable the applicant shall provide a copy of either the GC, underground or plumber’s licenses with the State of Florida.
  12. Osceola County is to be named Additional Insured on the General and Auto Liability Policies, Coverage shall be Primary/Non-Contributory on General Liability, and Waiver of Subrogation in favor of Osceola County on General Liability and Workers Compensation.

The applicant hereby attest to have read and understood Section 4.12.2 of the Osceola County Land Development Code and does hereby agree that they shall abide by the Land Development Code, as well as any additional special conditions that have been imposed by the Board of County Commissioners and/or the County Engineer.



  1. All construction shall be in accordance with and conform to the most stringent requirement of the latest editions of the FDOT Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Construction and Osceola County Road Construction Specifications.
  2. There shall be no road closures without prior approval from the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners.  No open cuts along roadway are allowed unless approved by County Engineer.
  3. Upon approval of your permit, the proposed TTC (Temporary Traffic Control) plan is acceptable.
  4. All underground utilities under the roadway and within 12' of the roadway shall be installed a minimum of 42", otherwise 30" is required. All Directional bore casings shall extend a minimum of 6' beyond the edge of pavement.
  5. Within 48 hours of backfilling, all disturbed areas shall be re-graded as necessary to assure positive drainage. In addition sod all disturbed areas (no seed or mulch) with sod of the same type.
  6. Any permitted project lasting over 30 days will be responsible to maintain the grass within the project limits. Grass over 6” in height will be mowed.
  7. All trenches and holes shall be backfilled per Osceola County standards at the end of every workday.  The roadway/sidewalk shall be kept clear of any dirt or debris at all times.
  8. The Contractor shall be required to implement the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) as outlined in the Florida Storm Water Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector’s Manual published by FDEP along with following the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations as set forth in Chapter 62.621 of the Florida Administrative Code.
  9. Per M.U.T.C.D., Chapter 6, the Contractor is responsible to maintain/design a safe bypass at all times when the existing sidewalk/pathway is disturbed during construction.
  10. Any damage to the sidewalk/roadway/driveway shall be repaired to Osceola County standards, at the applicants expense.
  11. When replacing sidewalks at intersections, a cast in place detectable warning strip is required.
  12. All proposed pavement shall be constructed in compliance with Osceola County Road Specifications to include rolling/rigid straight edge test and leveling as necessary.
  13. Placement of pole/terminal/hydrant/meter/vault must be set as close to Right-of-Way line as possible.  No poles/terminals are allowed in the ditch bottom or the front slope of ditch or within 1 foot of any existing sidewalk.  When possible, all utilities shall be placed within a dedicated utility easement.
  14. Prior to final acceptance, As-Built drawings are required at the completion of project. The As-Built Survey shall include all newly installed facilities with horizontal and vertical locations taken at a minimum 100 foot intervals and at all grade breaks or bends, also any variations from required material sizes or types shall also be noted (digital copy of As-Built survey in pdf and AutoCAD format). As-built drawings shall be submitted to the Public Works Permitting Department for final acceptance.
  15. Permit is valid in County Right-of-Way only, please obtain the necessary permission/documents/permits for work outside County Right-of-Way or environmental areas which includes:  HOA’s, CDD’s, and all privately owned easements.
  16. Only under extreme circumstances will the county allow open-cuts within roadways that have been resurfaced or reconstructed within the last 5 years. The permittee will be required to show written justification that includes an engineering analysis of factors demonstrating that the means, other than the open-cut, will not be possible.
  17. All existing facilities that will be unoccupied within the Right-of-Way shall be removed. The facility shall not be abandoned and left in place.
  18. All pipe culverts and storm sewers shall comply with Section 430 of the latest edition of the FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge construction.
  19. The contractor is required to provide a Worksite Traffic Supervisor in accordance with Sections 102 and 105 of the latest edition of the FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge construction.
  20. Locate flags to be removed when the job is completed.
  21. Any Soft Dig within 15 feet of the edge of pavement is required to be properly backfilled with Excavatable Flowable Fill.  Refer to the attached Typical Test Hole Procedure Sheet.



The contractor who performed the directional bore crossings shall submit a completed Directional Bore Log with the Permit Number visible. Bore logs shall be submitted to the Public Works Permitting Department. Directional Bore entry and exit pits shall be backfilled and compacted (see density requirements below “All open-cuts/utility trenches”).


Open Cut

Any Open-Cut shall be restored with temporary asphalt the same day that the work is performed.

All open-cuts/utility trenches shall be backfilled and compacted in 1 foot lifts to achieve a 98% of modified proctor for densities within the roadway or beneath sidewalks.  Where the placement of utilities are located outside the roadway shoulder or back slope of sidewalk a 95% density of the modified proctor shall be achieved.  Testing shall be required at a minimum of 300’ intervals or Daily.  Any areas failing to meet required densities shall be re-excavated and compacted to meet requirements.


  • Every morning you work on the project, call your project Inspector:
    • Bryan Mcfadden 321-284-6120 or
    • Chris Larsen 407-962-8624.
  • LANE CLOSURE HOURS ARE Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9AM-3PM & Wednesday 9AM-1PM.
  • Typical work hours are to be conducted from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays. Any deviation from these hours requires prior approval from the County Engineer. Any deviation requires after hour’s approval and inspection fees. 
  • If approved, nighttime lane closure hours are 10PM-5AM.