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Marigold Avenue Roundabouts

Click here for info on the Marigold Avenue public meeting on August 4, 2022

Project Details

This intersection safety improvement project includes four separate intersections along Marigold Avenue in Osceola County. The four intersections are Marigold Avenue and San Lorenzo Road, San Miguel Road, Laurel Avenue, and Peabody Road. The total project length is approximately 1.45 miles. A new single lane roundabout is proposed at the intersections of Marigold Avenue at Peabody Road, Laurel Avenue, and San Lorenzo Road, to slow traffic and create a more pedestrian friendly environment. A new northbound left-turn lane at the intersection of Marigold Avenue and San Miguel Road is proposed to ensure optimal traffic flow. Signage and pavement markings will also be included as part of the design.

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Contact Info

Stephanie Underwood
Address: 1 Courthouse Square, Suite 3100, Kissimmee, FL 34741