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Neptune Road Project Design Phase

The recommended improvements for Neptune Road from Partin-Settlement Road to Old Canoe Creek Road include four 11-foot traffic lanes with a 22-foot raised median, 4-foot bicycle lanes in each direction, curb and gutter, an approximately 10-foot planting strip on both side depending upon the location of power poles, and a 12-foot shared use path on both sides. From Old Canoe Creek Road to US 192, the following is planned: A 5-lane roadway with 10-foot travel lanes and an 11-foot two-way left turn lane, curb and gutter, a 10-foot planting strip on both sides where possible, a 10-foot shared use path on the north side, and a 6-foot sidewalk on the south side.

A new bridge will be constructed across the C-31 Canal (east of the Turnpike overpass), and the triple concrete box culvert at the Partin Canal from Fish Lake will be replaced. Five stormwater ponds are included in the Project design, as well street lighting, upgrading five signalized intersections, and preserving areas for landscaping.

Neptune Road Map

Design Documents

Neptune North Final Signed & Sealed Plans

Neptune South Final Signed & Sealed Plans

Turnpike Enterprise Plans

Design Contact Info

Kyle Dorris