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Community Service Agency Grant Program

State of Policies


The CSA program is intended to provide funding to organizations providing services that improve the quality of life for residents of Osceola County in at least one of the following ways:

  • Providing a unique service that enhances the mental and physical health of residents;
  • Providing a unique service that builds an educated and sustainable community;
  • Providing a unique service that demonstrates the ability to assist a segment of population experiencing unemployment, homelessness, and other issues in order to develop skills that will support sustainability.

In addition to the stated purpose of the funds, the non-profit or civic organizations that apply for funding must provide:

  • A completed application for funding;
  • Evidence that the State of Florida recognizes the organization as a nonprofit charitable or civic organization;
  • Letter from the Internal Revenue Service recognizing the organization as holding tax exempt status: 501(C)3, 501(C)4 or 501(C)6;
  • A copy of the most recent organizational financial audit;
  • Evidence that the organization has been in operations for at least two years; and
  • Evidence that shows that the organization provides a service that fulfills one or more element of the BOCC’s strategic plan.

Funding Considerations

  1. Funding for the CSA Program will be appropriated by the BOCC during the budget process.
  2. Agency funding request must be more than 1% of the agency’s total project budget.
  3. As approved by BOCC, agencies will not receive no more than 15% of Osceola County Fiscal Years budgeted amount for the CSA Program.
  4. Agency must have a governing board and operate under a set of bylaws.
  5. Agency must meet at least one element of the BOCC’s adopted strategic plan.
  6. Agency must provide a plan for self-sustainability.
  7. The Housing and Community Services staff will conduct an initial screening of eligible applications to ensure compliance with Section II.
  8. Applicants shall not contact any BOCC member, the County Manager, or any ARC member during the evaluation process during the Black-Out Period. The lobbying black-out period commences upon the issuance of the open application process and concludes upon the final execution of the Contract by the BOCC or the County Manager.
  9. All applications, however, will be submitted to the ARC for review, scored in large part on the following criteria: