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Osceola County Eyeglasses for Seniors Program

Because healthy vision is such an important part of our everyday lives and because we rely on it during virtually every waking moment, Osceola County has launched an eye glass certificate program for Senior Citizens, whose financial situations may prevent them from taking care of this precious personal resource.

Caring for your vision begins by protecting the eyes from injury and disease, recognizing the warning signs of vision problems and eye disease, and correcting or treating vision problems as they arise. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 150 million people in the U.S. wear some type of corrective eyewear to correct refractive errors. But seniors on fixed incomes can struggle to purchase eyewear when it is needed.

The new program will help low income seniors purchase a pair of prescribed glasses once every three years. This is not insurance and seniors or their caregiver must call the Osceola County Housing and Community Service Department (407-742-8422) to request an appointment to apply for the Eyeglass Prescription certificate program. For more information e-mail:

To be eligible for a certificate, applicants must:

  • Call to request an appointment at Housing and Community Service 407-742-8422.
  • Be over 55 years of age and an Osceola resident for more than 6 months.
  • Not have received an Osceola Eyeglass Prescription Certificate within the past 24 months.
  • Have no other resources to pay for glasses (including insurance, federal/state programs, and other charitable support).

The county will provide a certificate to seniors that qualify for the program. A list of the stores in Osceola County accepting the county’s certificate will be provided.

To view an informative video about the Osceola Eyeglass Prescription Certificate Program, click one of the links below.