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Impact and Mobility Fees Office

Osceola County impact fees are assessed on new development to provide funding for the County to create improvements needed to serve that development’s users. Currently, impact fees are assessed at the time a building permit is issued and are paid prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. (C.O.). Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check when paying in person. Credit or debit cards may be used for online payments only and will include an additional 2.5% convenience fee.

The following impact and mobility fees are currently collected for building permits:

  • New Residential construction – Roads, Schools, Parks and Fire
  • New Commercial construction – Roads and Fire

Mobility fee rates, within a specific use category, may be discounted, based on the location of the proposed use. The 3 location types are:

  • Non Mixed-Use Future Land Use (Full Rate; No Discount)
  • Mixed-Use Future Land Use (25% Discount)
  • Transit Oriented or in close proximity to a SunRail Station (50% Discount)

In addition to the impact fees, there are special assessments for fire/rescue and solid waste (residential only) calculated and paid, based on the month the C.O. is issued. Following the pro-rated initial payment of these special assessments, an annual assessment is included in your property tax bill.

Please contact the Impact and Mobility Fee Office at: 1 Courthouse Square, Suite 1400, Kissimmee, FL 34741
Phone: (407) 742-0242