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Celebration DRI

The Celebration Planned Development (PD) was first approved as a DRI by the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners on March 1, 1994. This DRI was rescinded January 12, 2015 by Resolution 15-001R and a PD amendment was simultaneously approved. The planned development is approved for 8,065 residential dwelling units, 2,577,053 SF of office space, 1,977,087 SF of retail space, 3 golf courses 54 holes, 1,539 hotel rooms, 150 timeshare units, 1,780,000 SF of industrial space, 5,000 parking spaces, a medical center consisting of 209 hospital beds and 360,036 SF of medical office, 1,299 acres of open space, and a 4.1 acre electrical substation.


DRI14-0007 Celebration Rescission Resolution #15-001R
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PD19-00029 Celebration Planned Development September 23, 2019
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