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Center Lake DRI

The Center Lake Development of Regional Impact is a mixed use development which was approved by the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners on January 10, 2011. The development includes the following land uses:

  • 2,201 single family attached and detached units;
  • 1,172 multi-family units;
  • 170,000 square feet of retail use;
  • 70,000 square feet of office use;
  • 10,000 square feet of civic uses;
  • 30,000 square feet on community uses;
  • and, the necessary amount of square feet of building area and site acreage necessary to accommodate public institutional use for an elementary school as required or requested by the County on behalf of the School Board of Osceola County.

The Center Lake DRI is to be developed as a two phase project on approximately 1836.9 acres. This property is generally located south of Jones Road, northwest of Nova Road, east of Narcoossee Road and is within the Narcoossee Community Overlay.